Edward Lamson Henry in 1867Edward Lamson Henry

Edward Lamson Henry, or E. L. Henry (as he signed his paintings), was a "cousin-in-law" of Grace Livingston Hill and a noted American artist. He made a special study of the costumes, the architecture, the decoration, the carriages, and the manner of life of the well-to-do classes in 19th century America. His work is not just art—it's pure storytelling. The smallest of details add to each painting's tale and give us a glimpse into another time.

At her family's urging, Grace asked Cousin Edward to help illustrate her 1908 book, Marcia Schuyler, and he offered a number of his existing works he felt would fit the book's period and story. Six paintings can be found within its pages. Henry's work was also used for the sequels Phoebe Deane and Miranda. If you'd like to see them in print, pick up an early J. B. Lippincott edition of the books. These editions contain tinted plates of prints produced by Henry's printmaker, C. Klackner.

Frances Livingston Wells HenryMemories by E.L. Henry, Portrait of Frances Livingston Henry

Frances Livingston Wells was Grace's cousin. She was married to Edward in 1875 by her uncle, Rev. Charles Montgomery Livingston (Grace's father) in Johnstown, New York.

Frances was an artist as well. Many of her sketches can be found among the sketchbooks in the Edward Lamson Henry collection in New York. This portrait of Frances, called "Memories," was painted by her husband.

She wrote a beautiful memorial sketch after his death in 1919, entitled "E.L. Henry, N.A., His Life and His Life Work." It can be found within"The Life and Work of Edward Lamson Henry, N.A., 1841-1919" by Elizabeth McCausland, M.A. September 1945.This book is the most recent catalog raisonné of E. L. Henry's art.

Do you have an original E.L. Henry painting (wow!) or print?

Henry's work was often reproduced as prints and many were hand colored by The Henrys themselves. Henry's early printmaker, C.J. Klackner, was responsible for producing many of the early prints that exist.

We've located a large number of Grace Livingston Hill and E. L. Henry fans with either originals or reprints! Yours could be a real treasure or, perhaps, just "treasured", depending on when it was produced. Many of the recent "art prints" were created to bring art into many homes and are not valuable (except for the beauty in the eye of the beholder!) Tell us about yours!

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